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Name: (Pokemon Trainer) Russell Francis

Age: 15

Personality : In one word rebellious. Russell always lived his life breaking the rules but despite being called a badboy or a rebel one would have to commend him on his never say die attitude. Russell tries his best to make the best out of each situation. He's one of those people who never back down if you told him he couldn't do it he would try and try until he succeeded. To tell the truth Russell just wants to life his live without fear and thats what he tries. Ever since his father died Russell hasn't been able to cope with it proper as he's too "macho" to let out his real feelings. Russell lives by a never say die attitude and is probably one of the most disobedient persons you would ever meet. If you tell him to eat that cookie he wouldn't but tell him don't wash those plates he would do it in a heartbeat. Sometimes that behavior get him into trouble but to Russell trouble is a way of life.

Russell only really loves his mother since she's the only person who doesn't judge him as she knows why he behaves the way he does. Despite his behavior Russell is still the man of the house and does anything to get money when his mother is in need of the funds. Friend wise he doesn't have many and the ones he does have aren't considered as good company. Since he's a boy obviously he has had crushes but since he never had a father to teach him about "the bird and the bees" he is sometimes awkward around them. Also he is a person who thinks highly of his looks.

Normally if unprovoked Russell is pretty calm and sensible but this changes quickly most of the time. When he first heard of team paradox he joked about joining them to cause trouble but deep inside he was disgusted by them and what they stand for.

Appearance :Russell has dirty blond hair with sky blue eye color. His hair is fashioned in a fauxhawk style.Since he is so high on personal care he usually spends much of his time shaping his hair until its perfect. He also has a bit of facial hair a little mustache that he's proud of and that he combs in secret. His eyes are very enticing and dreamy by people of both genders and sometimes his eyes show a very intense side of him. Russell has a very light brown skin color and a scar on his elbow from one of his past schemes. Aside from that he does have smooth skin surprisingly.

He stands at 5'7 and 145 pounds. Russell is very muscular but not buff and has very defined features such as a six pack and what people called a very chiseled body. Like any normal teenager he has a few bumps and pimples but not huge that stand out or are very noticeable. Despite being muscular Russell isn't very athletic as he never did any sports growing up but his muscles are only due to the fact that he worked hard all his life doing odd jobs. Girls do admire him for his body and Russell often sees them staring at him from a distance.

Russells dresses very simple. He usually wears a plain white t-shirt with no design of any sort on it covered by a blue sleeveless hoodie which he rarely puts over his head. He wears neatly fitted black skinny jeans and a simple black and white low tops with blue laces. In warmer temperature Russell would remove his hoodie and just wear the white shirt only or to keep that from getting dirty a blue t-shirt. In colder temperature he wears a stylish snow jacket. No one has ever saw Russell without his necklace with a blue topaz pendant given to him by his father. He also has a blue topaz earing in his left ear and a blue g-shock watch matching his hoodie.

Lvl 5
Nickname: Rocker
Moves: Headbutt, Leer
Ability: Mold Breaker
Gender: Male

History : Born and raised in Grandnal City. Russell lost his father at the age of 10 and was raised by his mother and the streets. Growing up his father always talked to him about pokemon and showed him how to handle and care for pokemon so when he died it was hard for Russell to to deal with it since his father died trying to stop a rampaging Rhydon. After this Russell had a hatred in his heart for pokemon but as he grew up he realized that not all pokemon are like that and changed his outlook of them.

At age 13 Russell had to start working hard to keep his mother and himself afloat as his mother struggled to find work after the trauma of losing her husband. Russell had to work in ranches and on farms to earn cash by shoveling you know what and cleaning the pokemon etc. At that time he started to learn more about pokemon and pokemon care from that all the little jobs that Russell took up had to deal with pokemon so that besides from getting money he would know more about those pokemon.

At age 14 his mother got a steady job and was over the death of Russells father so she encouraged Russell to start his own pokemon journey just like his father did around this age. Russell decided to stay just in case but after realizing that she was ok and that the affairs of the house were well taken care of. Russell had no one to talk to one the matter since he was despised by most of the adults in the town because of his behavior and other pokemon trainers in the town didn't trust him.

So finally at age 15 Russell decided to go on his journey looking forward to this journey since he did always want to go on a journey after being told all those stories about being a trainer. Russell set off looking to both start a great life for himself but to change peoples though of him.

Theme Music: Bon Jovi - It's My Life Against wild Pokémon and random NCP Against important NCP Legendaries and characters

(didnt realize how close my history is to Hunter Zero until after i did mine and read yours and baseballa)
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