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Chit Chat & Polls Rules

Follow the Pokécommunity Rules.

Be especially careful to use the Search Function before making your poll, to make sure there isn't a thread with the same topic that's been active within the last 30 days.

Do your polls belong here?

CCP is only for polls that have no other home.

Serious topics and debates go to Discussions & Debates.

About Quizzes and Surveys

Quizzes aren’t allowed in CCP.

Surveys are also not allowed in CCP. For the interest of this rule, a survey is like a general About You thread or a twenty questions thread. Having a list of questions related to the same topic (see Question Threads in the next post for a better explanation) or a survey for school is allowed.

Poll Guidelines

Some rules to keep in mind when you’re making a poll.

  • Anything easily accessible on your profile. This includes your age, gender, location, join date, post count, etc.
  • Simple polls that require just a number as an answer. ("How many pairs of shoes do you own?") If there's worthwhile explanation behind that number, though, it's OK to post. (For example, "How many schools have you attended?", you can discuss all of your schools. As long as that's happening, it won't get closed.)
  • Anything involving bodily functions. (“How many times do you fart in a day?” “What color are your toenails?”) Quite frankly, it's too much information.
  • Polls about specific members. (“Do you like sammi-san?”) Also try to avoid polls that’d pick or choose a set amount of members. ("Your ten best friends from PC!") This doesn't mean you can't make threads about members at all, it's OK just as long as it's not hitting one of the above rules. ("Your role models on PC?" is just fine, as it allows for as many people as you like, and in general is a positive thread.) We don't want people's feelings to get hurt, so polls involving members should be as inclusive and positive as possible.

  • Expand your poll options as much as possible. "X or Y" polls usually can be tweaked a bit to allow for more possible answers. That way, there's more options for people to work with. ("Red or Blue?" into "Favorite Color?") Also, "Do you like X?" polls can usually be tweaked as well, especially if it just requires a simple yes or no answer. ("Do you like soda?" into "Favorite Drink?")
    Some threads might be fine as you imagine them, though; it all depends on what you're asking, so use your best judgment or ask me if you're unsure. (For example, "Do you like your country?" calls for much deeper discussion than "Do you like soda?" and doesn't need changing at all.)
  • Include as many people as possible. Don't post a poll geared towards one geographic group (people from just one country, one state, one city), one gender, one set of members on PC (staff only or supporters only), ect. If it excludes too many people, it will be locked.
  • In general, it's better to post polls that give thoughtful, multiple-sentence answers as opposed to something that elicits only a sentence at most. OVP can get spammy fast if polls get out of hand. If you can answer your thread in just one sentence or without any explanation at all, think about ways to improve it before posting.

Questions? Comments?

Send Shining Raichu or Dakota a PM! We'll answer as soon as we can.

Thank you for reading the rules! You are now officially awesome. :D<3

Special Thanks
To all the OVP mods that have ever edited or contributed the rules ever: The Fallen, Mr. Cat Dog, Chairman Kaga, Signomi probably did at one point, Patchisou Yutohru, and especially to Ausaudriel for providing the last draft, as well as sammi-san. Where would our rules be without you guys?

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