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    Originally Posted by Ben. View Post
    New menu for my game, Top screen is null at them minute so don't pay to much attention to it.

    Not scripted by me, but I'm not telling you who it is as he get's enough hassle as it is.
    I'll praise this, for the sole reason that the lower screen is a different size to the main screen. Despite being a dual screen (which I dislike), it's still interesting by being different to all the HGSS clones people mistakenly believe is the absolute best format for a PC game. You're being different, so thumbs up to you.

    Given it is a PC game, though, I think it's safe to assume there's a clock in the taskbar. Why repeat the feature here, seemingly just for the sake of filling space? Surely there's something better you can put there instead, like the map name or the Repel count or something.

    I can barely tell at a glance what the menu options are, given the icons are half off-screen. I think Options and Save should be in the same area, at least (they're both meta options). Could do with a bit of a redesign, I think, but the basis is good.
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