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    What a foolish little child. But when he looked back at the Zangoose, he realized they were about the same age. Maybe they could have been friends in another life. Still his dialogue angered him greatly yet he held himself together, preparing for a fight. With a swift gesture of his hands, the trees in the forest began to bow down to him, turning gray, he continued the motion until they were rotting logs on the floor. He was one of the 5 generals and his power over the Earth was greatly acclaimed. He knew Lex was still angry at him for charging into that stronghold, but this victory would help move past that.

    "Now listen, Trent, is it? My plans will continue without intreference. Now leave this territory I have claimed for the Neoverse."

    The Zangoose stood still, perhaps a challenge was in order. He sent the Zangoose spiraling into a nearby log, his body now covered in mulch from the dead trees. This would be easier than he had previously imagined. Without interference, Lex's plans were coming to conclusion.