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    Pain sounded throughout his entire body. How frail he had become after the battle with ninetails. The Kaiser jumped swiftly from broken log to broke log. He ran in for another slash. Alex woke up from his endless thoughts and stared at the eyes of the Zangoose. Trent. I won't forget that name even after this game is done.

    "I am grateful for this battle, but I am a general for a reason." and with that he stopped the Zangoose before he could touch him again, the cut Zangoose had left him had healed by then.

    "I wish we did not have to fight, I wish there was another end. But there is not. Cruelty runs in the veins of the 5 generals. It is a curse, long given to us before we could accept this duty."

    He grabbed his arm and excreted a jelly like fluid which automatically healed the Zangooses's cuts. The Zangoose was surprised as was Alex. Why had he done such a...thoughtful thing for his enemy. He snapped out of this trance and moved his foe to the ground. Vines surrounded the Zangoose, encasing him in thorns. His screeches were loudly heard. But Alex felt something stab him from behind. He turned to see nothing there.

    He had stabbed himself out of guilt. What is wrong with him? He must stop and wnd this. "No more fighting please! Let it end!" He screeched as a purple aura flowed around him. What is this? Had the others heard of this guilt? But he must keep fighting, as the Zangoose did, squirming in the casing of Earth.