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    Originally Posted by agentgeo View Post
    Judging by the screens, this looks like a really good tool! Great job!
    Same as you bro.

    Originally Posted by Crimson Stardust View Post
    haha, i still prefer manually
    This looks good the layout and everything,
    I will surely give it a try but this will make people not learning actual scripting as this is easier..xD
    this is true but think about how useful it will for beginner.

    Originally Posted by Tropical Sunlight View Post
    The Movement section seems very tempting to use.

    Originally Posted by Fireworks View Post
    No. This is a terrible idea. This will just encourage laziness, because people will just have to type a few things and click some buttons, instead of actually learning to script.
    Its not terrible. take it as an example:
    When you post on a thread (like this one) Do you write BB-code Like [img]*******[/img] or just click the insert image button:D?

    Originally Posted by Team Fail View Post
    I know, right?

    I know my basic scripts well. It's only movements that confuse me. I really want to see this, it seems of great use.
    yea, me too

    Originally Posted by giradialkia View Post
    Though I approved this, I don't... approve of it.

    I mean, as has been said, it will encourage laziness. It's taking the effort out of the part in hacking that should have most effort in it...

    This is the kind of thing that makes some GB/C hackers look down on GBA hackers, and so... it's not a good thing. The tool itself is good, and kudos on that, but I personally think scripting is something that should lways be done from scratch- even if it can be a little tricky.
    Mate, just think positive, OK? not everyone had time and knowledge for scripting.

    Originally Posted by colcolstyles View Post
    Let's face it: not everyone can or wants to learn how to script. I think this is fine for those people whose brains just aren't wired in a way that makes scripting easy to pick up. Sure, their scripts will be much more basic than scripts crafted by people who actually know what 'callstd' does. However, beginners will eventually realize that this tool merely scratches the surface of the field of scripting and will read a scripting tutorial if they find themselves in need of more advanced techniques.

    I guess I just don't see why people are so upset that this tool makes it easier to get started with scripting (even if it isn't "real" scripting). Especially since a lot of you believe that using tools doesn't make you inferior. :\
    I don't know either. Don't Everyone just want an easy solution?
    I think this is a very good tool.

    just admit it:D and it will be fine.
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