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Kent sped across the plains outside of Eternity City accompanied by Violet and Julie. All the while, Kent replayed through his mind the encounter with the Roserade called Alex. He didn't fully understand what was happening, but thought he should relay this to General Manchu either way. Kent was silent for the rest of the way back. They soon arrived at the capital building. The room had most of the same people inside, like General Manchu, Shadow Flame, and the other soldiers around.

General Manchu nodded to Kent as he approached him.

"What news from the forest, Kaiser? Was the girl lying?" Kent shook his head and told the story of what had occurred there. Manchu listened carefully, not speaking until it was over.

"So we have identified this Alex as one of the 5 Great Generals as well. That means from what we know, there is the Roserade Alex and the Alakazam Lex."

Kent added, "Don't forget the mastermind behind the Albia invasion, Galeon the Garchomp. "

Manchu nodded in response. "Any one of these Great Generals could lead the attack against Eternity City. We have to prepare for every occasion."

Kent sighed. The army is said to come in a matter of days. "This is either going to be our greatest victory, or our worst defeat yet."

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