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    2 Hours Before the Mission Began:

    "Be sure that you are ready to finish your mission" a cold voice had said. The dream he had just had haunted him. He had never woke from his sleep. Alex had stayed in the bed Gardevoir had recently taken him to. "Dusclops...reveal yourself." The old Dusclops became visible and spoke to him, "What was your dream like..Master Alex?"
    He knew the Dusclps had to be kidding, or maybe finding a way to pardon himself, for Alex knew his dream had been eaten. The Dusclops was a man of gossip, always finding a way to put people in the wrong. But Dusclops did not bother him. What did bother him was what happened in the dream. Why was there an Absol in his dream? There was no Absol in the Neoverse, he was sure of that. Maybe the Grand Master could, it's impossible. He knew his plan was to infiltrate the enemy's line, but was his dream a warning. Dusclops had left, probably to another person to spread his dream around. He felt horrible, and even worse knowing of what he had to do. He was to befriend the enemies and charm his way into knowing their plan of defense. Such an easy task for him, the Manipulator. He was to pretend to be hurt and wobble into Eternity City where he would be helped and healed. He was to pretend to have amnesia and help them defeat one of the Generals, yet to be determined. But how could he do that to a fellow general. No, he couldn't think that way, he must go through with this plan. He had 1 hour left until it was showtime.

    He stopped to ponder his dream once more. Why had he been called Ambros? The little boy he had helped build up to a powerful warrior. He was dead now, he had seen to that himself. Ambros had learned too much and Gardeille killed him with the help of himself. No. It wasn't his fault. The boy's death was due to all his curiosity. He had been pushed off the... no. That thought was too horrible to roll through his head once more. Now the time had come, he was to go, in a beat up state. The Mission had begun.

    Now, a broken down Roserade walked into the city protected by Trent the Kaiser. His head bowed and broken he fell. As a familiar person ran to him and picked him up.