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Genevieve ran towards her house and ran into it. Even though, she was in her house she didn't stop running until she was in her parents room. Genevieve looked around, she had expected to see her mother. However, the room was empty.

"She must still be in town." Genevieve said and walked out of the room. She was tired and her whole body hurt. Which, she figured was from running so much. Genevieve walked through the house, and walked into her room. Her room was on the other side of the house, away from the door. Genevieve walked over to her bed and climbed into it. As soon as she layed down her body relazed, she was glad to be home. It didn't take long for her to fall into a deep sleep.

(Ok. The rest of this post will be of Genevieve's mom. And before anybody asks, I got permission from Roserade to use Adriadne Asteride.)

The Ninetails, who's name is Sciler (Skyler) walked along an empty pathway. It was dead silent as she approached a large graveyard. Graveyards were scary enough as it was. However, this graveyard was inside a forest. At night, and even when the sun was right, shadows fell across the graveyard. Almost making it pitch black.

Sciler swallowed, trying to swallow her fear. Why am I so afraid? I've been here a million times. She thought and then pushed her way through the doorway of the graveyard. The graveyard was inclosed by an old tall black fence. The arch above the doorway had vines coming down. The vines had attached themelves to both sides of the fences. Nobody had bothered to cut them down when this was a used graveyard. Now you couldn't pay anyone enough to come and cut them. This was a run down, old fashion graveyard. Discared leaves and scattered branches covered parts of the floor. The tombstones looked old and worn out.

Sciler walked further into the graveyard and the wind howled as if given her a warning. She pushed the warning aside, thinking it was all in her head. Somewhere in the forest a Hoot-Hoot gave its haunting call. Sciler made herself keep going. She stopped only to look at an old montasuem that stood in the graveyard. It was made from gray bricks and had a v shapped roof. The door was open, which was unusal expecially for a run-down graveyard. Something told Sciler she shouldn't go in. However, once again she ignored it and stepped into the doorway.

As she stepped into the doorway she heard a loud giggle coming from inside of it. Sciler growled at the sound of the giggle. She got herself ready for the Pokemon to reveal herself.

When she didn't Sciler growled out. "Enough foolishness! I know you are there Adriadne!"

The giggle sounded again, it almost sounded liek a five year-olds laugh. However, Sciler knew better. She turned to look when she seen somebody walk out of the shadows. It was Adriadne Asteride, the 3rd general of the Order.
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