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All are easy to use, except the Sprite editor, (Mainly trying to edit Chili, Cress, Cilan, Burgh, Roughneck, schoolkid, lass, waitress, scientist(F), swimmer (F), Ranger (M), Scientist (M), and Cynthia) but the Sprite Editer shows them as a mass of pixels, it's probally because I can't read what the Compressor says, but I know it worked on 001 (Hilbert, which showed up right) but not 081(Chili, who showed up as a long line of pixels) why is that?
Hey guys, I just bought Pokemon Red and Blue Versions (the new games that came out last week) and what the freak is up with the new Pokemon? A rock with arms? A magnet that evolves into three magnets? A bird that grows a head when it evolves? A pile of sludge? A literal Pokeball with a face? What is Jynx supposed to be? And really GameFreak, a mime? Is that the best you can do? I remember when the Pokemon looked good in first gen Black and White. These suck! Bring back the old ones.