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You have a great interesting topic =)
You actually have tons of stuff I want

Sorry for not using your form
but there's more than one thing I'm interested in / can offer


Dex fillers:


Egg moves:

chimchar lvl 1 ut flamethrower
bulbasaur lvl 1 ut solarbeam
squirtle lvl 1 ut rain dance
torchic lvl 1 ut flamethrower
cranidos lvl 1 ut rock slide / rock smash

Interested in:

Flawless Croagunk
Flawless Mantyke (omg it's so cute)
Adamant Rock head Bagon

TM poison jab

Time Zone (and when you are usually online): GMT + 1 , 10am -- 3pm
Questions or comments: Nothing specific at the moment, just pm me if you're interested
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Ongoing Challenges:

Elimination challenge
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