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    Neptune screamed as she pounced on him, pressing her paw on his neck. He struggled to get free but he couldn't. He could, if he used his full strength, but he didn't want to hurt Genevieve. Neptune frowned as she pounced on her. She told him to leave. What happened to her? Did the Order come for her?

    "C-Can't breathe..." Neptune stammered, "Genevieve it's me..."

    Neptune then pushed her away and this time it was the Empoleon who pounced on her. Except for the whole 'pressing the paw on his neck' thing, it was exactly the same. Neptune blushed a little as he was this close to the beautiful Ninetales, but he didn't have time to hide it. He turned and looked at the Ninetails, still on top of her because of the pouncing.

    "Genevieve, it's me, Neptune," Neptune looked into her red eyes and shook her gently, "It's me...! I'm a good guy!"

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