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    Alex was hidden in a small shack, it appeared to be no bigger than a bed in one of the Neoverse strongholds. "Where have I been taken?" He said to himself.

    "Ahh, you are awake are you? Your bruises and scars healed almost immediatly, I was shocked. Now what is your name?"

    Alex knew he had to start with this old woman. She was a Vileplume, with two small black eyes and pristine petals shooting out of her head. He thought of his new alias.

    " I'm... Gardeille." He knew his brother had never been heard of. The woman's eyes settled on the young Roserade's eyes. She smiled and moved swiftly past him. For an old woman, she could move. She came back a few moments later, in her arms a small tea set.

    "Now come here for some tea." She smiled once again and Alex felt almost happy until he remembered his task. He took small sips of the even smaller cub that lay in front of him. "You look after me, even though you have no idea who I am. Why?"

    "Oh dear, I know exactly who you are. You're Gardeille....of the Neoverse."