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    C-Gear Skins
    You probably know that the C-Gear has various skins. There's a Chillarmy skin, a Munna skin, a Pikachu skin, a Purrloin skin, an Audino skin, a Blastoise skin, etc.
    The current C-Gear skin is stored in the game's save file. This means that, through save file hacking, we can export and import custom skins to the save and use them. However, there's one problem. Of course, these skins aren't saved as a simple BMP, or a PNG, or a JPG. No, they're encrypted. If we could crack the encryption, we should be able to import and export our very own C-Gear skins and make the C-Gear even more personal.
    Skins are 256x192 pixels and have 16 colors.

    So let's all try to crack it and make the C-Gear more awesome than it already is!

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