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    Originally Posted by Meri-tje View Post
    You have a great interesting topic =)
    You actually have tons of stuff I want

    Sorry for not using your form
    but there's more than one thing I'm interested in / can offer


    Dex fillers:


    Egg moves:

    chimchar lvl 1 ut flamethrower
    bulbasaur lvl 1 ut solarbeam
    squirtle lvl 1 ut rain dance
    torchic lvl 1 ut flamethrower
    cranidos lvl 1 ut rock slide / rock smash

    Interested in:

    Flawless Croagunk
    Flawless Mantyke (omg it's so cute)
    Adamant Rock head Bagon

    TM poison jab

    Time Zone (and when you are usually online): GMT + 1 , 10am -- 3pm
    Questions or comments: Nothing specific at the moment, just pm me if you're interested
    Friend Code: ss 4856 6234 2186
    Hmmm I'll take all the egg move pokes for the TM and the 3 pokemon. Btw, which bagon are you refering to? The shiny flawless one?

    Originally Posted by AncienTLorD86 View Post
    loking for any filler bagon and croagunk..

    i can offer you Celebi Timid GameStop Near Flawless HP Fire 70 for both bagon and croagunk..

    Yeah that sounds good! Just PM me whenever you see me on

    Originally Posted by ToWriteLove View Post

    Shiny Lv. 100 Metagross
    Adamant|Clear Body
    EV: 252 HP|252 ATK|6 SPE
    IV: 31|31|31|31|31|31
    OT: Mat|ID:48509
    Moveset: SR, EQ, Explosion, Bullet Punch

    Shiny Lv. 50 Gengar
    EV: 6 DEF|252 SP. ATK| 252 SPE
    IV: 31|31|30|30|31|30
    OT: AnZLorD|ID:32685
    Moveset: Destiny Bond, Curse, Shadow Ball, Mean Look

    Im interested in those two, mind checking my thread?
    Sorry, not interested in anything...

    ^Click on my signature to see my trade thread =]

    Diamond FC is: 4553-7070-0437
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