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I'm getting close to finishing Black so I can revamp the Favorite Challenge. Already wrote my new list of favorites...gunna require lots of transferring and trading though, depending on the types I'm assigned. So idk HOW this will work for others, cause I've figured out how I'mma do it. But there will be an alternate way to participate. :x But it limits you to just Unova Pokemon and only listing 1 Pokemon in each type. It shouldn't be too bad though. Also gotta write in a new rule for Rotom, since it's now more than Ghost/Electric. I'm thinking that if it's assigned as an Electric, you will be allowed to change forms, but if it's assigned as a Ghost, you can't, since now it loses its Ghost typing upon form changing. And then Arceus won't be allowed to form change, on the off chance someone gets it...

Off topic but I just wanted to let you know I love The Mars Volta. That is all. okgobye.

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