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    Rules of the Resources section
    The community rules and Game Development section rules also apply here.

    • This section is only for graphics and audio resources. For anything else, go to the Scripts & Tutorials section.
    Posting resources
    • Be sure to use the most appropriate prefix for your thread, so it can be easily identified.
    • Your thread's title should be specific and say what resources it contains.
    • A member's thread does not need to contain only that member's resources. So long as it is on-topic, you can post your resources in someone else's thread.
    • If you are only distributing a resource, and did not create it, you must say so and attribute the resource to its creator.
    Requesting resources
    • All requests for resources must be posted in the Requests thread, unless someone's thread specifically states that they will accept requests.
    • The thing requested should be posted in a thread here so that everyone can use it. It should not be posted in the "Requests" thread, although a link to it may be.
    • Do not continue to repost or bump your request if it is not answered.

    TopRevised rules written by Yuoaman, Cilerba and Maruno.
    Some parts rewritten from older threads, by Avatar, Neo-Dragon, Berserk, Darkmage31, Dawson and Hiroshi Sotomura.
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