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    Oh, no...I have the feeling that one of my men is about to screw up. If he does, my whole plans will be ruined and Eternity City will not belong to the Order! But I sadly cannot tell who it is...

    Lex opened his eyes and quit meditating. He looked upset and a bit nervous. Calm down, Lex, calm down. Everything is going to go according to the plans... a voice inside his head told him. He trusted that voice and got back to meditating.

    Anyway...Now that my techniques are polished, I should be able to destroy the enemy with no difficulty. And if things get too tough to handle...Mufufu...Then, I will combine both moves and blow everything up to Kingdom Come! Muhahahaha!

    As that thought came through his mind, Lex remained motionless floating in the air in his meditating position, glowing blue.

    Kanto(Yellow), Johto(Silver), Hoenn(Ruby), Sinnoh(Platinum): Done
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