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    Alex had to think of where to go next. He had not failed yet, but he had wasted time. He continued to listen to the Zangoose's talk. He was speaking to another, Alex had no idea who. He focused on what they were saying when he heard the word, plan.

    "So what next in their plan?" the unknown voice asked.

    "I don't know, General Manchu. He attacked in the forest so they must be aiming to take Eternity City. If they succeed... we'll be finished."

    "They are preparing an attack, obviously." General Manchu said, "But at what time I am uncertain."

    "Well, we have a hostage. We can us that to our advantage. The other Roserade, Gadeal? Or Gardiale?"

    They had Gardeille. That was the Master's punishment, turning him over to the enemy. That wouldn't do. He was ready to run outside and attack, there were only two of them. It would be so easy. So simple. So cruel. No, that's of no honor. But that is unimportant, it is time to attack and quit being thoughful. He prepared to lunge until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

    "Do not do it. This will end badly for the Neoverse. Just tell the Master what you know." Adriadne told him subtly. Her green hair was parted to one side and she looked extraordinairy, more than usual. She walked past him and whispered, "You have not failed yet, you have learned something great. You have learned that they know we are going to attack Eternity City. Let us think of a plan."

    "But I know what we shoud do. I have thought this out over a long period of time. We should attack another smaller hold, take it and gain information."

    "That is what we shall do. But, I do wish to ask you again. Is there something you want to tell me?" No Psychic power, just Adriadne. "I want to tell you this, I read your mind earlier. Not today, when we first talked of the plan." Alex didn't react. "When I read your mind, there was interference by the same person you were thinking of. Who was it? Who do you think so much of as of late?" she blushed as she heard how strange her concern sounded.

    "An Absol. You remember the young boy named Ambros." She nodded. "Yes, him. I've been puzzling myself thinking of him. I do not know why."

    Adriadne sighed, "Let's go find Lex. He's in a nearby cave. We have had great luck that the outsiders have not heard our conversation. I made sure they couldn't."

    "Why don't we attack them now?"

    She looked to the window and to the gray sky, "With our idlenes, we have damaged them greatly. Paranoia will swoop down and bite them and ferosity will chop them down for good."
    "Is that right?" A mischevious Absol said to himself.