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Galleon the Garchomp walked down the path towards the cave, where he heard Lex was. He had his orders from the Emperor about a change in plan of the initial attack on Eternity City. Galleon was famous for being the Great General in charge of the assault on Albia, the worst loss for the Alpha Alliance in this war. The worst loss so far, Galleon thought to himself, a smile crossing his face.

Galleon was also charged with tracking down the other three Generals and relaying the information to them as well. He assumed they might make their way to Lex eventually, so he proceeded there. Galleon quickly looked over the orders the Emperor gave him and the other Generals.

"The First Additional Order that his Majesty declares is that not one, but three Generals lead the invasion of Eternity City. That will include Galleon Gamble and Lex Omega. The other is undecided yet. The Second Order is a change in the tactic of overtaking Eternity City. His royal Highness wishes that the city be conquered and not destroyed at all costs." Apparantly, there is something quite fragile in the city he doesn't wish to be harmed by bombardments, Galleon thought to himself. "The Third Order his Royal Highness Decrees comes based on the reports of the Gold Tribe resurfacing in Eternity City. His Majesty requests that all Gold Tribe members are to be executed upon site and given neither mercy nor pity."

Galleon couldn't help but smile at the last order. The Gold Tribe had provided him with the ultimate challenge when they first began attacking. They were the strongest warriors among the Alpha Alliance, causing the Order of Neoverse multiple losses in the beginnings of the war before finally taking out a good portion of the members. When the bulk of the Gold Tribe did finally fall, cities had become much, much easier to take. He had deep respect for their fighting abilities, and loved the fact that there were now more of them to fight. Galleon proceeded to the cave.

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