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    Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
    Ok, heres what i think, and you should do what i do Kingshivy, when your criticizing someones games,
    1. Credits, your not crediting the people you ripped the tiles off from..
    2. Grammar, very poor most of it doesn't make sense.
    3. Mapping, everything is very wide open, theres not much trees, flowers etc. For some help, look at some other maps gamefreak have designed, and maybe follow the way they map there maps out, of course not 100% copy but you know what i mean.
    4. Story, needs a lot of workin on but im sure it will be developed more by you.
    5. Tiles, they looking horrible, the way you have mixed em around like that, from gen 3 to gen 4.
    6. How can you BETa test your own game?
    7. Name: first of all your starting screen, says diamond not shiny diamond, and i suggest changing that name, not really catchy.

    Overall, your doing good, just try follow what people say, read up and follow lots of tutorials and you'll improve!
    1.Okay, the DP People are from the DS Kit.
    2.what do you mean? The region is actually Ueno.
    3.Watch at the prev post.
    4. I just updated the story
    5. Uh.. not that again!!
    6. I can do it!
    7. Name: Yes, i know. But why wont yow view the old light platinum thread at "ROM Hacking" section. it says "PLATINUM" and this says "DIAMOND"
    So, i need a tiler to show me your best..
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