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Originally Posted by Maninder View Post
Pokemon White:
I need help: 4 of my Pokemons are between 20 - 30. 1 of them is Level 41 and 1 of them Level 62. The trainers pokemons and wild Pokemon are way higher than my bottom 4 Pokemon and my Level 38 Druddigon doesn't do much, gets killed easily in one go so I am using my Level 62 Emboar which when I win Trainer and Wild Pokemons I get only 1000 Exp and on my Exp meter it hardly moves, I am in the Victory Road.
Any tips and hints?
Should I start my game again and next time equally train each Pokemon?
You don't need to go that far! Just spend some time training wild Audino on what ever level you think is appropriate for you and those other Pokemon's levels will be up in no time.