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Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
Hey Diego, just downloaded the new beta and it is AWESOME! I've been waiting for ages for something to come out to be honest, anyways I just arrived in Vantrek city, may I ask, how long this beta goes for? Good luck in the future with this hack
This beta goes to the fourth city and a little beyond.
Thanks for the comment!
Originally Posted by X1C377 View Post
Great job, congratulations on the new beta! Glad to see you're still alive, ha ha. :p
Me? Dead? :O
Originally Posted by Lugiaz Soul View Post
Gonna try this later! I hope it will get me hooked!
Me too!
Originally Posted by Konekodemon View Post
Yey! New release. Can't wait to play. *Goes to download*
Great! Can't wait to hear your feedback!
Originally Posted by nml View Post
I played this hack and I didn't reach the end of beta, there are 2 reasons of that.

First of all when I first saw Mikachu I thought "Hurray, I have a starter who is psychic type, so it would have decent special attack and special defense. Who knows maybe it would have special attack like Abra/Kadabra/Alakazam". I couldn't be more wrong. It's best stats turned out to be... defense. Next is attack. Specials are Mikachu's inferior stats. Just like Geodude, but I don't try to learn Geodude attacks like thunderbolt or confusion.
It turns out, that my Mikachu on 18 level was to weak to battle 16 level Raticate, it's madness.

However it's not all. I could always throw it on PC, to die forgotten on the last place in party, and battle with other captured pokemons, but there are very few pokemons who would be valuable (Most of them were normal and bugs type) and level of enemies was too high. Just before the second gym wild pokemons were about 19 level, and gym leader/rival has 30 level pokemons. Does that mean that in 8 gym there would be 120 level pokemon? In normal game that level is reached around 5 or 6 gym.
That makes game really irritating and finally when I discovered that gym leader have 30 level Nuzleaf (Dark type ), who beats easily my team - 28 Mikachu, 29 Graveler, 21 Poliwag and 14 Pineco, and having in mind how much time I spent leveling my party, I simply gave up and searched for better hack.

I comment this hack mainly because it was first hack I played, which wasn't (upgraded) remake and I was attracted by this fakemon starter, cause those 2 things and poor dialogues (Especially rival.) doesn't encourage to wait for more. But hey, I'm new here, so maybe I have too big expectations.
Originally Posted by cazzler View Post
I agree with this, the start was in fact cool, but then later on, I had to cheat to beat this beta, I recommend editing Mikachu's stats and wild pokemon/Gym Leaders pokemon, etc. It was just way to hard to beat without cheating...
Originally Posted by Tojo View Post
I played this hack today and it looks good but there are few things I am not glad with. First, Mikachu´s attacks are: lv5- confusion, thundershock; lv.7 teleport, lv.10 transform, lv.17 iron tail, lv.20 safeguard, lv.28 thunderbolt and more (i suppose). But my Mikachu have following stats: HP 78, ATT 44, DEF 37, SP.ATK 39, SP.DEF 33, SPD 44. I think that pokemon who can learn thunderbolt or more non-physical attacks (maybe psychic (?)) can have bigger special attack and defense than normal. Yes, he has Iron Tail, but its only physical attack. And I had few problems with more powerful trainers about that strange forest where was gym leader (second, if I am right!) with Nuzleaf lv.30 and Tropius lv.32. Oh my GOD! How the hell I can beat him with my Mikachu lv. 28 with low special attack? With iron tail which still misses? or with 25 thunderbolts? (I suppose that leader has 1 or more Super potion) Dont you think its slightly strong?

All in this beta looks good graphically but those things make me feel strange about it. I hope you will edit those things because I like your hack and your work. I wish you a good luck and many new betas! :-)

I am sorry for my english I know it isnt good
Urrrgh. I knew I forgot something.
My trainer/wild Pokémon/stats guy was supposed to fix all of this, but I completely forgot to hand the ROM over to him. I'll give it to him in a bit, and then upload the new version soon. Expect for your complaints to be addressed shortly!

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