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    I played some more on my shadow game....
    880 AD, Saladin is now...

    dead. Been expecting anything else? I killed off Napoleon, tried going after Joao again, but he had just such a lot of slowing terrain, once again I took a city and a stalemate ensued. So I went for Saladin instead. My version Russia now looks like this:

    Still a lot of space to fill out, I also might consider a maces or knights war against Joao or Genghis, the two are still at war with each other and I haven't checked the tech screen, but I doubt they are doing well. Pacal I only met recently (looks like is spawn really screwed him), he is far, far behind without any hopes to catch up. Meeting the other continent(s) might make the tech situation look ugly though.
    By the way, have you met this guy yet?

    No matter what I do, HE JUST WON'T DIE. The age of Chariots as actual threats on the battlefield has been over for at least 2000 years, and he's still doing well. My Horse Archers should be obsolete by now as well, but they still work just fine for me, except against that damn Joao and all his unchopped forests... If I just were Kublai Khan and not Peter...

    My plans for the near future look kind of boring: Economy, teching, etc. Either go for Liberalism () or attempt getting to Guilds before Joao or Genghis get to Feudalism. Hopefully they'll stay at war some more and pillage each other's cottages...