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Kent watched Apollo. Apollo was an older member of the Gold Tribe, and has been his friend for a while. He trusted him. Needless to say, he remembered the Emploeon Neptune. He appeared to be strong upon first glance.

"You know the rules, Apollo. If he is either strong of spirit or strong of heart, but preferably both, he can join. Needless to say, we are low on members as it is..." Kent thought for a moment, then added, "I suppose since he is the strongest warrior of Poseida City, that vouches for his strength, but position as General? That's second in command of the entire Gold Tribe. I don't know if he's ready for that position. But for now, if he would like to join the Gold Tribe as a member, I can allow that. Have him come see me sometime. Tell him if he wants to be the General, the number 2 man, he's going to have to prove it in the upcoming war, though. I need a Pokemon who can command and be commanded, who can fight and die, who can protect and attack."

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