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    Originally Posted by carmaniac View Post
    He means Alucus, the person who made some of the tiles you are using. And also he doesn't mean like the tiles, he's just saying that the game looks kinda shoddy with how you've mixed different styles instead of using 1 stlye. For instance just having the Gen 4 indoor and outdoor tiles not mixing them with other Gen's. But now time for my view on your game.
    What I can see from your screenshots is that you've rushed the game to get some visuals out. There is bad grammar in the sentences such as words having a capital letter when not needed and words needing one. The mapping seems kind of poor but you can improve on that by adding a few details to the maps such as flowers, paths more tree's, which, on the next note of mapping is that maps need to have a boarder around them 7 tiles in width to stop the player from going to the edge of them and seeing the black around it, that way it will look more tidy.

    Reading your thread you forgot to put tile credits to Alistair and Alucas.
    I don't use Alucas' tiles.
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