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Originally Posted by Hi-Techneon View Post
Yeah, that's why. How could they else put a Purrloin skin in Japan for download if another participant could have won with another design?
Exactly. And the new Victini skin could back that up. But, it also seems that skins aren't region-locked. I didn't think they would, anyways.
Originally Posted by pokewalker View Post
Hmm.... I think, that when you acces GBL, new information is sent to the game overwriting the old skin. The old skin is then not in it anymore, but on the GBL, where all of them are available.
Exactly. It's simply overwritten when new data is downloaded.
Originally Posted by Darthatron View Post
It's not unheard of. Square Enix use a variation of LZSS compression in FFTA, and it's all decompressed with a routine in the game.

Why couldn't they use it? I don't understand your logic. They just send out a compressed image and decompress it when it's downloaded/saved/loaded/whatever.
I think that that situation applies here- we need to see that compression method. I'm going to look at my Black save and see what I can find, seeing as I have the Pikachu skin in it.
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