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I'm really looking forward to this so if you need a hand with anything grapihcs wise I could try help, Titlescreens/Boxart/userbars etc
Give me an idea and I'll show you what I can do if you want (=

THe HG/SS tilesets fit really well
Have you thought of what sort of character sprie you're going to use or are you just going to stick with the one you have?

I also think you should leave missingno out, It is always an interesting feature to add for nostalgic sake but I think it could lower the integrity of what is shaping up to be a very impressive game

Which is another reason why I think you should expand slightly further from using in game sprites, Granted i'm not quite sure which game you are using btu I recognise the brock sprite and I think you could make it graphically even more appealing if you got some custom sprites in

Look forward to any more progress on this!

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