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Kent was pleased at the new addition to the Gold Tribe. Maybe, he thought, just maybe, we can defend this city. Maybe we can win. Kent was gathering more and more allies every day. Each day the Order grows, the Alpha Alliance grows as well. If they wanted to take the city, they would have to go through the best of the best. He looked upon the faces of Julie, Manchu, Apollo, and Neptune.

"Welcome, Tidechanger. The second part of this ceremony involves the Gold Tribe emblem. If you have some sort of meaningful trinket with you, I can make that your emblem. The emblem is your signature in the Gold Tribe. Everyone's is different, but all mean the same thing. It is our pride, but it is more than that. Choose wisely." Kent looked at his artifact. His was from his father, the previous Leader of the Gold Tribe. He had given it to him right before he died.

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