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Kent looked at Tidechanger and Peacewarrior in approval. He had made them stronger. the Gold Tribe, that is. He had given this city, the whole Alpha Alliance in fact, new life to fight on. They were ready, or as ready as they would ever be.

"Well, for the most part, most of us Gold Tribe is around the city patrolling. You could join them, or you could help evacuate the rest of the city, or help me and General Manchu plan the battle. However for the most part, I'm going to have to ask all the Gold Tribe to do the hardest thing: wait."


General Galleon of the Order returned to the cave, his face a bit excited. He had just spoken with the , who had orders from the Emperor. He ran over to General Lex Omega to report it.

"General Lex, it's me. I have some news. The third General in this battle will not be required. We are to move the attack of the city from two days from not to tomorrow. The army is already marching. All they need is for us to lead it."

Galleon awaited Lex's response.

Finally, the Order of Neoverse was on the move.

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