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Kent nodded, he looked over at General Manchu, who smiled at both of them.

Manchu spoke, "Gather around. My scouts of Pidgeys and Tailows have reported that the army is large and with Pokemon of all species. The primary and entrance they will be able to get to through the city is the front gates. the other parts are going to be surrounded by a giant rock wall the Graveler and Golem team are making. The cities back is protected by the River, so we can expect no attacks from behind." Manchu paused and sighed. "However, the army's size is so vast, that even with our fortifications, they may very well break through. Our best chance is to take out as much as we can before they reach the inside of the city. We can use all kinds of methods for this; have our Digletts and Dugtrios dig holes for surprise attacks, have aerial attacks with our Sky Team, having water pokemon use the river to flood the enemy, use the rock wall as an offense, and also charge with the Alpha Alliance army. The possibilities are endless. I recommend we implement all of these strategies and try to stop their approach before they break through the walls. Once they do start breaking it, we send in the Gold Tribe and the ALpha Alliance army to take out them while they're tired. Any suggestions?"

Kent like the plan, but wondered if Neptune, Tidechanger had anything to add.

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