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Originally Posted by Bokusachi View Post
I'm trying to enter the competitive field of Pokemon battling, but since this is my first time, I'm not 100% of what to do.

I know that you go to "Pokemon Strategies and Movesets" to post your competitive team but what if you're still trying to decide on the Pokemon themselves for your team (thus being unable to put their Nature, EV/IV, Moveset, and so on yet)? I've narrowed it down to around 10 Pokemon, can I still post on "Pokemon Strategies and Movesets" if I just include the Pokemon's name and how I plan to use it for the team and then as I get suggestions I'll edit the post and make a more refined team, or do I have to go somewhere else to do this?
Actually, I'm pretty sure your aloud to make a thread there, as long as you have at least 6 Pokemon for your team, then at least include ideas for moves/items/natures etc. Then the rest of the S&M'er's could help you.
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