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Originally Posted by Bokusachi View Post
I'm trying to enter the competitive field of Pokemon battling, but since this is my first time, I'm not 100% of what to do.

I know that you go to "Pokemon Strategies and Movesets" to post your competitive team but what if you're still trying to decide on the Pokemon themselves for your team (thus being unable to put their Nature, EV/IV, Moveset, and so on yet)? I've narrowed it down to around 10 Pokemon, can I still post on "Pokemon Strategies and Movesets" if I just include the Pokemon's name and how I plan to use it for the team and then as I get suggestions I'll edit the post and make a more refined team, or do I have to go somewhere else to do this?
It's really best if you can narrow it down as much as possible. Remember, S&M isn't here to build a team for you - it's best if you practice with it using a battling simulator like Pokemon Online and establishing movesets and a strategy for your team before posting so that it becomes easier to rate. Here's a link to where you can find Pokemon Online - we at PC have our own PO server, which you can get to by opening the program once you download it and going to the advanced connection box and typing in simply "". So simply, very good.

But yes, we're certainly very willing to give advice over at S&M. Just know that it'd be much easier on both you and us if you can cut down on the number of Pokemon and hopefully even think about preliminary movesets, like what you want to achieve with each Pokemon (Do you want to sweep their team with this Pokemon? Do you want to stop certain annoying Pokemon? etc) and posting in the Request-a-Moveset thread might even help you out, too. Good luck with your team and all that. :)