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    0300500C is pointing to the second of three savegame blocks that change position to avoid overusing certain parts of the memory. The data in it is tightly packed.

    08104AB0 uses 08104AFE or 08104B14 depending on whether R1 is 0 or 1.

    R1=0 loc_08104AFE:
    LDR     R0, =saveblock2
    LDR     R0, [R0]
    ADDS    R0, #0x5C @ Start of second flagdata
    ADDS    R0, R0, R4 @ R4 contains flag-nr (=pokemon-nr minus 1) divided by 8
    LDRB    R1, [R0]
    ANDS    R1, R6 @ R6 has only one of the first 8 bits set
    CMP     R1, #0
    BEQ     loc_08104BB0

    R1=1 loc_08104B14: LDR R0, =saveblock2 LDR R2, [R0] MOVS R0, R2 ADDS R0, #0x28 @ Start of first flagdata ADDS R0, R0, R4 @ R4 like above LDRB R1, [R0] ANDS R1, R6 @ R6 like above CMP R1, #0 BEQ loc_08104BB0

    Because the first data starts at 0x28 and ends at 0x5C you only have enough place for (0x5C-0x28)*8 pokemon. (=416) Unless you know how to repoint in savegames you have these size constraints.

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