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When making cards
1 - Use the correct fonts and font sizes.
The fonts are available in a zip attached to this post and on Tutorials including font sizes are also there.

2 - Always be original

Don't make all your attacks carbon-copies of real-life cards' attacks. Be original, be unique. If you're attacks are too strong or too weak, others can post possible ways to fix this or you can leave it overpowered.

3 - Not all cards have to be serious.
Along the lines of the creativity aspect I mentioned before, not all cards have to be serious. You can make cards like "OMG WTF PWN MEWTWO" and "Thanksgiving Ho-Oh" with crazy, super-overpowered, or just plain silly effects. Even the official tcg did this (ever hear of Imakuni?'s Doduo?).

4 - Never use "place."
The tcg never uses the word "place." It always uses "put." Don't ask why, that's how it is.

5 - Use spellcheck.
If you're not sure on how to spell a word, put it in spellcheck or use a dictionary.

When grading cards
1 - Point out any and all errors you see.
Help a fellow faker out, disclose the location of any error you see on their card.

2 - Give reasons for your ratings
Tell why you like or dislike something. Don't make posts like "cool" or "that sucks," explain why it's cool or sucks (well don't explain why it sucks, explain why you don't like it).

3 - A simple thank you goes a long way
Don't ignore people rating your cards. Thank them or acknowledge (and possibly correct) any mistakes they point out. If you ignore them, they're likely to start ignoring you.

Other questions and things
Q. Where do I get blanks and symbols?
Fangking is a renowned blank/symbol maker. He wrote the book on Hidden Legends and beyond faking (well it was just a tutorial XD). You can find his blanks and symbols here.

Q. I can't draw, where can I find pics of Pokmon?
You can use handy-dandy Google and run an image search, or you can use the work of our good friend, Ken Sugimori, which can be found on the official Japanese Pokmon site's Pokdex (click on the greenish button with a picture of a Pokdex).

This thread is open.
Please suggest any thing you think should be added, changed, or removed. Also correct any errors you may find.

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