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Originally Posted by mucus View Post

Standing Outside of Doc. Syszlak's Lab at night.

Why are you using a berry patch as a path? And those green bits next to the fence are not shadows, they aren't needed and just look really bad and out of place.

Just at the border of Alluvial Village and Route 1.

Really tall grass looks out of place there, and has a tile error. Just use one type of grass.

A wild Poochyena approaches!

Haha, cute.

Hanging out on Route 1.

Again, tall grass error. And since when did grass grow in triangles?

I made it to Bay City!

Fence has tile errors, tall grass again, and that looks like a tile error at the top right too.

A common situation with Moémon. . .

Comments in bold. Although somehow they seem to be showing up as italic for me.
This hack looks...unusual, to say the least. But I really can't see this working unless you improve your mapping. Post in the Map Rating thread, read some tutorials, or maybe find someone to map for you. And haven't I seen those sprites somewhere before? Oh and clever making the Professor's name Syzslak.
Good luck.
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