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    Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
    Okay, I've decided I'm gonna stop updating Blaze Black and Volt White, so I'll just leave it at 1.2. Too much hassle to update with about six different patches to make every time, plus I really should actually focus on my academics...

    There's also the fact I'm beginning to dislike some of my own changes (in particular the really high levels. ~90s seems somehow 'untidy' to me, but meh.) There's also the fact some other changes I'd like to make could do with an overall rebuild anyway. Hex editing is becoming outdated for Gen V now!

    I updated the download links to be a bit simpler; I chose to eliminate the xdelta patches, as well as adding Hatchetball's usrcheat thingy in and rearranging the folders to be neater.

    Anyone having patching problems now has a solution in the form of a direct ROM download. I've uploaded the Blaze Black Legendary Regular version, which you'll find the link to on a certain video site (seeing as I can't post it here.)


    Itzmesonicx - No idea, sorry.

    Onmi - Doesn't work on DSTT yet, though I've heard it may soon.

    adelsmud - That'll be because the Pokémon are only legal in the space of the hack. As far as Nintendo's server checks go, they're still illegal in terms of ability, movesets and other things. Also, the encounter changes were done with a hex editor.

    MajjinVegeta - Wrong thread.

    Zef - There's a wild list included with the download.

    I Got it fixed also there is an error just to let you know when im in pinwheel forest there is a ranger right after Team plasma grunt2 and when he battle you it has an error and i accidently pressed i and it saved there so i had to restart

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