Thread: Research: FireRed Pokédex Hacking
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    Fantastic, every little helps as they say! It's something that would've needed researching, and you've saved us having to do so, so thanks!

    I wish it was easy, lol. I really need someone to do the "boring" side of the hack. I need someone to get the 4th gen cries working, as well as inputting all the relevant pokémon stats, so that they're ready to input if I get it working. If you can't do ASM research (I don't know if you can, so don't want to assume.) that'd be a helpful place to start. If you CAN do ASM research, every extra eye looking over the process helps us to catch all the limiters, and means less mistakes!

    I don't suppose you know how to repoint stuff in savegames? It's something i've never had to do before, but in theory, couldn't I make use of JPAN's extra save block hack? It'd give us plenty of free memory to make this hack work if we could use it!
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