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In [whatever political system you are using right now, probably tsarist] Russia, France invades you! Sorry, couldn't resist these two overused jokes.

You're playing with combat animations on? I only did that in, like, my first two games ever, couldn't stand them.

By the way, why are you building a monastery in Rostov? I prefer ruining the economy in a victorious total war over losing cities while building infrastructure. Also, build some Horse Archers already, Napoleon might have Spears but except in the cities you can just run away from them and leave them to the supporting axes. Reclaim Novgorod and then take Paris - or raze it as it's one tile off the nearby river, in my shadow game I only kept it because it had the Pyramids in it.

EDIT: And then I realized I forgot once again you actually already played more than you posted. But at least it's what I probably would have done at that point.