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Hello there.
I wonder if the thread is still open for requests? If yes, then some kind person wouldn't mind creating this:
Pokemon Emerald
Player's name: Morial
Player's sex: Girl
Playtime: Whatever.
Badges: None if possible.
Location ingame: Somewhere in the starting area (Newbark Town or the next town from Newbark)
Bagon, lvl10, Shiny, Moves: Crunch/Dragon Claw/Fly/Swords Dance, Dragon Fang to hold
Bulbasaur, lvl10, Moves: Solarbeam/Sunny Day/Giga Drain/Sludge Bomb, Everstone to hold
Absol, lvl10, Moves: Shadow Ball/Swords Dance/Slash/Crunch, is there any item which increases physical attacks in Emerald version? If yes, then that one to hold.
Arcanine, lvl10, Shiny, Moves: Extremespeed/Flamethrower/Fire Blast/Sacred Fire (Sacred Fire isnt a must if you cant do it), Charcoal to hold
Sharpedo, lvl10, Shiny, Moves: Hydro Pump/Surf/Ice Beam/Rain Dance, Mystic Water to hold
Gengar, lvl10, Shiny, Moves: Hypnosis/Shadow Ball/Psychic/Thunder, nothing to hold
Bag: 99x PP Up/Max.
PC: Kingler, lvl10, Moves: Crabhammer/Rain Dance/Surf/Protect, Mystic Water to hold
Nothing else to add.

To add, if the same kind person would mind make a Fire Red save file too:
Pokemon Fire Red
Player's name: Gale
Player's sex: Boy
Playtime: Whatever.
Badges: None if possible.
Location ingame: Pallet Town or Viridian City.
Crabby, lvl12, Moves: Crabhammer/Surf/Rain Dance/Iron Defense, Mystic Water to hold
Growlithe, lvl12, Shiny, Moves: Fire Blast/Flamethrower/Extremespeed/Sacred Fire or Crunch if Sacred Fire is not possible, Charcoal to hold
Gengar, lvl12, Shiny, Moves: Shadow Ball/Hypnosis/Psychic/Dream Eater, Twisted Spoon to hold if possible.
Bulbasaur, lvl12, Moves: Solarbeam/Sunny Day/Giga Drain/Synthesis, Miracle Seed to hold.
Snorlax, lvl12, Moves: Yawn/Focus Punch/Substitute/Crunch, Leftovers to hold.
Zubat, lvl12, Moves: Aeroblast/Aerial Ace/Toxic/Sludge Bomb, Sharp Beak to hold, can you also make it's Happiness to 255 so it'll evolve to Crobat instantly after evolving to Golbat. IF that's not possible, then make a Crobat straight up with the same moves, level and hold item.
Thanks in advance!