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    Originally Posted by drew6464 View Post
    First reply, woot!

    This looks great. :P I love it! I love every aspect. Ask me if you want sprites again!

    EDIT: Hey, I love it! Just 1 thing to critic here. Bottom house in Embark Town: Couple says "We've been married since age 8." WTF?
    Why, thank you. I'll PM you when I need some sprites. And yes true love has no age limit =P

    Originally Posted by atif View Post
    This look really good! :) I really like that you put new sprites in!
    Thanks. Every Pokemon has new sprites and I'm working on putting in HG/SS trainer spites.

    Wow! 36 downloads in one day? That's awesome. Hopefully everyone was able to get their Summer Ticket. Trust me, heading to Eisberg Island is definitely worth it. The beta will be out on the 20th of June, and will feature the first four gyms, [Just like Requiem]. There are a few map changes in Zinnos this time around with Akirs Town being renamed Embark Town and Gymstone Town being renamed Emerald Town. Also a lot of changes, concerning wild Pokemon availability have taken place. I'm not sure about Berry Trees/Headbutt Trees making a return but we'll see. Also this time around you're able to name your Rival instead of having him named Chrono [though Chrono is still his official name]. Also D/N and the RWG aren't just asthetic. Some things can only happen at night or when it's raining. People will also say different things in accordance with the weather/time. After 8pm all of the kids in the town go to bed and all of the old people come out. Some
    Trainers only wanna battle at night or in the morning. With the next update I'll bring screenshots from the second gym and of Shell Harbor City and the Team Rocket Event that happens in Stargate Cave.

    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.