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    Originally Posted by TheSmartOne
    Oh, Alan Rickman~ <3

    I mean, they got Dan, Rupert, and Emma, who even normally look(ed) very much like their characters. Why not other people? :/

    Dan Radcliffe looks like a butch woman, Emma Watson is wayyy too perfect, and Neville (while rather sexy) did not grow up to be how I imagined Neville.
    Yes. 'Nuff said. XD

    I like Tom Felton more now than I did before. He's such a nice guy.

    He looks pretty sharp in other movies. Not a bad guy either, but I didn't like how he was getting all the love and Rupert Grint wasn't sharing that spotlight with him. I think he was really ignored in the middle of these films (prior to Movie 5).

    Luna Lovegood was pretty unique. It was a pet peeve of mine to see her and Harry get together.
    They looked so adorable during the Slug Christmas party. And the way she was so excited to be going with Harry because she was pretty much a loner. Made me feel sorry for her. :/

    Originally Posted by Zeffy
    I personally was a Harry x Hermione fan right off the bat. I was saddened that they didn't end up together.
    Ah, really? :/ I suppose Harry and Ginny is okay (but I just find it too similar to James and Lily which is why I was not wholly supportive of this ship) Definitely was a Harry x Luna fan.

    He is an Auror, so is Ron. But I wish they tell his adventures as being an auror. You know, a spin-off or something?
    Isn't the the life of an Auror like being a government law enforcement agent in the real world? Nothing much to do there other than tracking down fugitives.

    Originally Posted by Lightning
    idk, I don't think Rowling was that good at actually writing relationships because they ALL felt so stale in the books. xD; Especially Harry/Ginny which came out of nowhere and never made any sense to me uugggh.

    I was really disappointed that Harry actually settled down and had kids in the end though. D: He always seemed liek the type who wouldn't be able to sit still for long--always traveling, defeating evil, visiting people he's met from all over, etc. The idea of him just settling down is still foreign to me haha.
    Aah…may have to disagree with you there. There were definitely a lot of hints you could call real solid canon (unlike canon you hear or see from the Pokemon anime). She was very careful in her choice of words, and the smarter readers picked up on that.

    Well if you do think about it Harry wanted this peaceful life. It's been said over and over that he wanted to pursue it, be happy with people, enjoy, have a laugh. He was sick and tired of fighting, losing people, friends, and family whom he loved. Not exactly the sort of hero everyone expected him to be. Just a normal kid, that's what he wanted. An average kid with a um…scar on his forehead. That changed his life. Literally.