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    hmmmm...i've played every moemon game from off of the official moemon website...all of the games had very unique asspects to the games. for example, Moemon Devil Version had shadow pokemon plus verious ds pokemon inserted. Moemon Deer on the other hand had the most amazing and the most complicated maps i have EVER seen. now granted almost all moemon games were made by profesional japanese game hackers, but will this game have anything that makes it stick out from the rest? i've played various moemon games made by american, european and french hackers...and saddly the all failed in comparision horribly saddly again, other than the ground in the city, it looks the exact same as the moemon games the crashed and burned. hopfuly this will be the first good english moemon game to come out (actualy the leaf green one was "ok"). looking forward to further updates and great moemon that stands out like thejapanese versions.
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