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Okay for those who said the colors where clashing. I can understand where your coming from, because you can't see the whole bridge. But the brick changes pallets nicely.

Also I will like to thank everyone who posted their opinion on choice A or B. And with much consideration, I have made a new choice. C. Which incorperates both A and B (And is my new favorite)

Easter Egg! This date has signifigance, I am wondering if any of you addict pokemon players can figure it out.

Just so you guys know I have been working on this hack like a madman. Even though I had a 6hr work day I manidge 13 scripts :D (Some were cpu scipts for the towns.)

Has anyone noticed that in FR when you get into a trainer battle, the trainer walks up to you, and the battle starts. You don't turn to look at them. This is not a problem in ruby, I think gamefreak did this to mirror red, and blue. Well thanks to Jambo, the player now turns to face the trainer before the battle.
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