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Originally Posted by adamb241 View Post
Well I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this kind of problem, but I'm not really sure what is causing this so this is where I'm posting it. (Sorry in advance if someone has already asked this or this isn't the place.)

So I'll try to explain what happens. Basically, the problem is, in one portion of my map, after I encounter a Pokemon, the game glitches and the player loses control of his sprite and takes the form of a glitched one (off tot he side.) I've tried to re-point the wild pokemon data (No avail), I've removed scripts (No Avail). I'm not sure the issue here, possibly something with a script offset? I'm in desperate need of help here so any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is a video of what happens;


*Skip to 0:41 for the glitch.
My understanding (which I gather from this and my own, independent research) is that if an NPC has the behavior '0xB', upon returning to the overworld the player will assume control over that NPC. So if that trainer has the behavior "Look down", then that's likely the source of the problem.

For future reference, questions like these should go in the Simple Questions Thread over in ROM Hacking.

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