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Originally Posted by RubyJB88 View Post
Aah…may have to disagree with you there. There were definitely a lot of hints you could call real solid canon (unlike canon you hear or see from the Pokemon anime). She was very careful in her choice of words, and the smarter readers picked up on that.

Well if you do think about it Harry wanted this peaceful life. It's been said over and over that he wanted to pursue it, be happy with people, enjoy, have a laugh. He was sick and tired of fighting, losing people, friends, and family whom he loved. Not exactly the sort of hero everyone expected him to be. Just a normal kid, that's what he wanted. An average kid with a um…scar on his forehead. That changed his life. Literally.
It's been a while since I read them but I don't remember many relationships described (either blooming, well-established, or behind-the-scenes) that I really... felt anything from, if that makes sense. :(

As for Harry, I know he wanted a peaceful life but heroes in fiction never seem to settle down after their journeys. Especially near the end after spending so much time just hopping from place to place for the sake of staying hidden... I think that would really take a toll on someone mentally/emotionally and I imagine that kind of habit would stick for a while. But I tend to read too far (mentally) into characters sometimes. xD;