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    Originally Posted by Pokepal17 View Post
    Shattered Dreams is back!

    And it looks really nice too. I love your choice of tiles because I use them, and your mapping looks really good. Also, I like how you've added custom battle backgrounds. :3

    My only quirks are that you're not using the tree shading tiles because, imo, they would make your maps look even better. Also, those parts on the world map that are routes but in different colours, they need to be fixed. :3
    Hmm about the trees, do you really think they'll enhance the maps? Eh I'll go for it. And the discolored parts of the map are cavs/deserts that don't directly connect with the other routes, leaving them blank seemed weird. But if it's causing confusion I may change it.

    Originally Posted by drew6464 View Post
    Maybe "In love since age 8" or something. Love may have no limits, but the Federal State Law does.

    EDIT: Also, I have a request. I mean, I did some sprites for you, so it's only natural I get something back...
    Could you make a wild Trapinch available fairly early in the game? Trapinch/Flygon is my mascot Pokemon. I would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

    EDIT 2: Hey, I've decided that your trainer looks pretty sucky and needs a new sprite. So here:
    Better than:
    Sorry but I find nothing wrong with the original sprite so I won't be changing it.

    Originally Posted by andreas16 View Post
    Yes, the tournament style league will still be in as opposed to the traditional Elite 4.
    The return of Pokemon Shattered Dreams! Click the screenshot to visit the thread, you know you want to.