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    Originally Posted by flamemaster View Post
    so your the guy, xxDarkDrakkenxx is helping, out.
    could you explain this text to me "new pokemon and old flames" old flames?
    what does that mean, just asking, so anyways, your game seems pretty good so far, you've got nice clean maps, the screen where oak, is calling you a paperboy, made me lol so hard.
    so far good game dude, i cant say much more, cause i cant see much, keep up the good work.
    Okay, This means that Team Galactic is back. They are old flames.

    Originally Posted by Evil Arms View Post
    looks good. I can't wait to see your female heroine.
    Thanks. I've got her design done. I'm working on the sprite.

    Originally Posted by Zephyr+ View Post
    Really nice-looking! The fakemon in the intro and the hero are well-sprited. The plot seems pretty bland and predictable, though, which is disappointing.

    I advise you to get a scripter soon, or teach yourself, because it's extremely difficult to make a game without one!

    Also: please give credit for your CSS. Thanks. ;D
    Thanks for the comment and advice!
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