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    Pokemon: The Cure

    Made with: RPG Maker XP

    Hi there, my name is Doriam Manuel. I’m 18, and will be graduating high school soon. I am normally a fakemon spriter, I prefer to work with MS Paint and programs that are simple and to the point. I’ve used RMXP for a while now, though I took a long break at the beginning of this school year so I could focus on my senior year; as it draws to a close I’ve started to have more time for this project. That said, I suppose I’ll go through and introduce the project itself. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of images, i'm currently working on the story and fakemon before I go into mapping and characters.

    I’m hoping to construct a game in a way that makes it more real-time, in a sense, to the player. I plan on implementing a basic one-on-one battle system (possibly introducing higher number battles later) where stats, such as speed, play a more important roll. I want to combine the concepts of pokemon with the style of a typical RPG in which your character/pokemon use time-based turns instead of turn-by-turn mechanics. In theory, this means your pokemon will also be able to hold more than 4 moves at a time, allowing for greater strategy on the part of the player.

    Welcome to Otlair (Story)
    Welcome to Otlair, a small island region which excels greatly in its scientific advances both in medicine and in creation and research. You are the child of a doctor (father) and a scientist (mother), and they have raised you the best they can so that when it comes time for you to leave the nest, you would be prepared. Coincidentally, today is your eighteenth birthday, which means it’s about time you leave, right? Right. Well, that’s what your parents had always taught you anyway. As you are getting ready to leave, your mother gives you and your best friend a parting gift; your first partner!

    You live with your roommate and best friend in Otlair City, not too far off the coast. Recently, you two have been hearing on the news about a strange sickness infesting the nearby regions. Of course, something like that could easily be cured by the people of Otlair, considering their research departments are some of the best, right? So there is nothing to worry about, and it’s been said that the creature of the region cannot be affected due to a special gene twisted into their DNA.

    One day, you and your friend travel back to Carter city to visit your parents. You are near the border of Carter when your friend falls threateningly ill. You take him to your parents in hope that they can help him. However, you find that your home town has been compromised by the sickness, and nearly every building has been quarantined. The center is bustling with more activity than you have ever seen in your eighteen years, and all your former neighbors are sick with what is being called the new age Plague.

    All but two of them anyway. Old Man Oriel and Old Lady Ilene whose house is the only one not covered in quarantine tape from left to right, top to bottom.

    They offer you knowledge, a history of the region’s past. Should you choose to accept it, you embark on a journey to find the cure across Otlair’s landmasses. Of course, with any journey come obstacles as you embark on several sub-quests leading to discover of The Cure. And with any protagonist, there must be an antagonist; ironically named The Cure.

    The Cure is a company that has recently crossed to Otlair from another region. Their purpose is unclear, but they have buildings, large and small, in a number of cities. It is widely thought that The Cure is the company to blame for the recent introduction of the Plague to Otlair, but there is no proof one way or the other.

    The Region of Otlair
    150 Originals
    Unique storyline
    Gameplay differences
    Choice based outcomes
    Trainer, Breeder, or Coordinator (affects gameplay)


    Michael or Selena
    The son/daughter of Doctor and Professor Willow. You play as one of these two characters.

    Doctor Willow
    Your father, he is a well-known medical practitioner.

    Professor Willow
    Your mother, she is a professor and researcher.

    Bret or Brenda
    Your best friend. After you left Carter to live in Otlair city s/he went with you and is now your roommate. On your way to Carter, s/he falls sick!

    Old Man Oriel (Ooh-ree-elle)
    One of your former neighbors. For some reason, he –along with his wife—has managed to avoid the Plague.

    Old Lady Ilene (Ie-leen)
    One of your former neighbors. For some reason, she –along with her husband—has managed to avoid the Plague.


    Fakemon Part I

    #001: Cubite (Grass-Type); Cub Pokemon
    Cubite are playful pokemon who enjoy taking long naps in the sunlight. Their tails have a second brain that stays awake at all times.

    #002: Monera, (Grass-Type); Chimera Pokemon
    Monera release a powerful spore from their manes as a defense mechanism should the tail’s brain feel threatened.

    #003: Chimont, (Grass-Type, Rock-Type); Chimera Pokemon
    Chimont are a monsterous pokemon who are known for their great strength and speed in rough terrain. Trainers are advised to avoid them.

    #004: Dynant, (Fire-Type, Bug-Type); Crackle Pokemon
    Dynant are small pokemon whose backs carry a small explosive. When they feel threatened, the explosives light up and explode soon after.

    #005: Explosiant, (Fire-Type, Bug-Type); Explosive Pokemon
    Explosiant are heavy pokemon whose thorax is replaced with a large bomb which can easily clear out large patches of land should it explode.

    #006: Teantee, (Fire-Type, Bug-Type); Arsenal pokemon
    Teantee use their number of explosive devices to frighten off predators. When their antennae touch, it causes their explosives to light.

    #007: Floot, (Water-Type); Bubble Pokemon
    Floot are small, shy creatures that prefer to hide underwater if possible. When above water, they blow bubbles to hide themselves.

    #008: Mystamp, (Water-Type); Land Surf Pokemon
    Mystamp are known for galloping onto water in hopes of walking on it. It is said that when they achieve this, they evolve.

    #009: Neptide, (Water-Type); WaterHorse Pokemon
    Neptide are known for their unique ability to cross over large bodies of water as though it were land. Their powerful horns are worth their weight in gold.

    #010: Coddle (Bug-Type); Cotton Pokemon
    Coddle are small pokemon who hang from trees and bushes until the layer of cotton on their bodies hardens and they evolve.

    #011: Cotoon (Bug-Type); Cocoon Pokemon
    Cotoon hide in their hardened pillow-like cocoons, feeding on their cotton it collected as a Coddle until it has consumed it all.

    #012: Cotrap (Bug-Type, Psychic-Type); Bed Bug Pokemon
    Cotrap release soft spores of cotton from their bodies which they use to put their enemies to sleep while they escape.

    #013: Duspek (Bug-Type); Dust Pokemon
    Duspek are known to collect on the grounds of forests and cities, hiding under large patches of dust.

    #014: Duspil (Bug-Type); Cocoon Pokemon
    Duspil disguise themselves under thick piles of dust in which they cannot move while their bodies develop.

    #015: Dusmite (Bug-Type, Dark-Type); Dust Mite Pokemon
    Dusmite are relatively large pokemon who hide in dark areas and come out to surprise their unsuspecting targets.

    #016: Twidgen, (Normal-Type, Flying-Type); Glider Pokemon
    Twidgen are known for their strong wings and large bodies, even from birth. They are often used to carry letters.

    #017: Swidgen, (Normal-Type, Flying-Type); Glider Pokemon
    Swidgen are fast moving pokemon on land, but have nearly lost half of their speed in the air due to the increase in their body mass.

    #018: Springen, (Normal-Type, Flying-Type); Glider Pokemon
    Springen’s bodies have developed greatly and it is now able to move quickly on land and in air due to its large and powerful wings. It carries a large feather for defense.

    #019: Humbeat, (Bug-Type, Flying-Type); Humming Pokemon
    Humbeat are small pokemon who consume and carry pollen. Though their bodies are small, their wings enable them to move at incredible speeds.

    #020: Cahito (Normal-Type); Shy Pokemon
    Cahito are an estrange pokemon who hide themselves in boxes from birth. When one is ready to breed, it will go into hiding for several days.

    #021: Mousent, (Normal-Type); Blind Pokemon
    Mousent are known for their lack of sight and use their incredible hearing and sense of smell to provide themselves with safety.

    #022: Roscent (Normal-Type); Blind Pokemon
    Roscent use their sense of smell in order to locate enemies, and carry a small cane with them for defense.

    #023: Pom (Normal-Type); PomPom Pokemon
    Poms are small, baby pokemon who enjoy being the center of attention. Their bodies shine in the sunlight.

    #024: Girit (Fighting-Type); Cheerleader Pokemon (TBR)
    Girit are known for their flexibility and strength. Their looks often lead predators to believe they are weak.

    #025: Tomble (Fighting-Type); Cheerleader Pokemon (TBR)
    Tomble are strong bodied pokemon who are best known for their speed and flexibility. They are often seen with other Tomble, Girit, or Poms.

    #026: Rotweet, (Normal-Type, Flying-Type); Healing Pokemon
    Rotweet are small pokemon who use their soft, melodic sounds as a means to heal their allies.

    #027: Telasari, (Normal-Type, Flying-Type); Ritual Pokemon
    Telesari use their songs as a means to attract prey and hypnotize them. Their psychological power is a topic of discussion amongst researchers.

    #028: Cupie (Normal-Type); Cupcake Pokemon
    Cupie are small pokemon who are often seen in cities. It is well known that they are a favorite amongst children.

    #029: Muffmin (Normal-Type); Muffin Pokemon
    Muffmin are often seen in restaurants and bakeries as assistants to chefs. They are the lesser cousin of Cupie.

    #030: Chipin (Ice-Type); Penguin Pokemon
    Chipin are small pokemon who enjoy spending their time on patches of ice. They are known to chirp loudly when excited.

    #031: Pingel (Ice-Type); Penguin Pokemon
    Pingel use their bodies as a primary source of attack. The wings developing on its back aren’t very strong, but are cold to the touch.

    #032: Pinarc (Ice-Type); Penguin Pokemon
    Pinarc’s wings are known for the large area of cold air they emit. When a Pinarc remains in one place, it begins to leave frost behind.

    #033: Urpin (Water-Type, Poison-Type); Urchin Pokemon
    Urpin are small pokemon who hide on the shores of the ocean waiting for unsuspecting prey.

    #034: Anemurchi (Water-Type, Poison-Type); Anemone Pokemon
    Anemurchi hide in coral reefs until prey comes near, at that time its antennae reach out for the attack.

    #035: Sinchin (Water-Type, Steel-Type); Water Mine Pokemon
    Sinchin hide deep in the ocean waiting for predators to come near it; when the tides around it change enough, it explodes.

    #036: Cliq (Electric-Type); Click Pokemon
    Cliq like to spend their times in electric fields, gathering currents into its body which it releases through the port on its tail.

    #037: Pixi (Electric-Type, Ghost-Type); Virus Pokemon
    Pixi invade computers and computer-run electronic devices and corrupt them from the inside out. They can also vaccinate the devices after.

    #038: Relaunt (Ghost-Type, Dark-Type); Mirror Pokemon
    Relaunt are said to be the souls of vane men and women who were trapped into mirrors. They haunt the world until the mirror breaks.

    #039: Guardillo (Ground-Type); Shell Pokemon
    Guardillo often roll themselves into balls to protect themselves from predators. Their shells are hard and rough.

    #040: Armourdilo (Ground-Type); Barracade Pokemon
    Armourdilo use their strong, large shells as a means of protection against predators. When they roll up, the plates lift.

    #041: Eetee (Psychic-Type); Alien Pokemon
    Eetee are greatly intelligent pokemon thought to have come from another world.

    #042: Terestreel (Psychic-Type); Alien Pokemon
    Terestreel are often used by scientists in Otlair as assistance because of their greater intelligence. They can rival even the greatest scientists.

    #043: Trexy (Rock-Type); Armless Pokemon
    Trexy use their strong legs and great jaws as a means of attack because they lack arms. It is said that they were once large, frightening monsters.

    #044: Hachirp (Rock-Type); Hatching Pokemon
    Hachirp are known to carry egg-shaped rocks on their person. They gift these rocks to deserving trainers, as though they were real eggs.

    #045: Coloke (Fire-Type, Ghost-Type); Smoke Pokemon
    Coloke produce large clouds of white smoke from their bodies which are said to create illusions to those who inhale it.

    #046: Shyll (Ground-Type); Shell Pokemon
    Shyll hide themselves within their shells, with only their eyes peeking out. It is very rare that they come out from within their shells.

    #047: Tortundo (Ground-Type, Dragon-Type); LandTurtle Pokemon
    Tortundo are large pokemon whose backs map out the world. They are able to use many aspects of the land to their advantage.

    #048: Serpeia (Poison-Type, Dark-Type); Bowl Pokemon
    Serpeia is a triplet, known for her strong venom and powerful poisons. She is thought to be the mother of modern sickness.

    #049: Zobespa, (Bug-Type, Psychic-Type); Mind Pokemon
    Zobespa emit a silent sound which infiltrates the mind in order to have its victims fall prey to its control. Its victims are called Zombies.

    #050: Savalen (Psychic-Type); Valentine Pokemon
    Savelen’s body is developed solely for the purpose of influencing emotion. It carries a bow which it uses for attack.


    Carter City, Western half.

    None yet. They will be here soon!

    Poccil's Pokemon Essentials starter kit
    TheDeadHeroAlistair for Tiles
    Alucus for Tiles.

    Help & Support:
    Karel_Kazuki: Storlyine helper
    elarmasecreta, xcalierz, and emocountry: Mapping?

    Want to help? Well, I'm currently looking for:
    • Tileists (1-3) to help create tiles.
    • Composer(s) (1-2) to create music.
    • Concept Artists (1-3) drawing characters, pokemon, areas, etc.
    • Story Builders (1-3) to help with the creation of the story.
    • Spriters (1-3) to assist with items, menus, trainers, etc.
    • Mapperr (1-2) eventually to map out the region.
    My DeviantArt
    My Sprite Thread
    Pokemon: The Cure
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