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    The ferry was an uneventful half hour. Shaun stood outside on the rails with his little watch dog a few feet away watching the Wailmer swim below and smoke a pipe. A few scrunched up their noses and moved away, and despite himself Shaun felt terribly amused. The man was alright, but he would rather drop dead than ever admit that to anyone.

    “Muur,” a rather loud voice cawed.

    Shaun turned his head slightly to the side and frowned. “Get out of here,” he told the bird. It was black with a rather crooked beak and the feathers on its head looked a bit like a hat. The bird ignored him and gave a taunting caw again.

    “Muur krow!”

    Annoyed, Shaun waved his arm near the bird, setting it a flight with an affronted caw and promptly tried to bite his hand. “Krow!”

    Shaun pulled back just before his fingers were nipped and flipped the bird off. “Stupid bird.”

    “It’s a Murkrow, you know,” a voice said.

    Shaun turned around with an upturned lip, disgust evident on his face. He just didn’t start conversations all that much and he especially hated it when strangers tried to interact with him. Thanks to his look and that ******** where people do judge a book by its cover most people tended to stay away from him.

    “What?” Shaun snarled.

    The boy blinked, obviously taken back with Shaun attitude and was silent for a moment. That gave Shaun time to look the boy over. He had rather long black hair that was pulled up into a low and small ponytail at the base of his neck while his bangs, which were too short, was messily splayed about his head thanks to the wind. He had strange silver eyes that held a sharpness to them as well as hidden knowledge.

    “It’s a Murkrow,” the boy said again, this time slightly wary. He watched Shaun with a narrowed look and Shaun was pretty sure the boy was sizing him up as well. “The pokemon you just shooed away,” he finished, this time firmly. Shaun briefly wondered if this boy was raised in a rich area. He had a certain accent about him that came with living in a well-off home.

    “Oh.” Shaun looked back to see the black pokemon disappearing into the clouds, its annoyed caws no longer within hearing range. He turned back to the other boy, aware that officer Taylor was paying attention, even if he did look lax while smoking that awesome pipe of his.

    “If I’m guessing right, I take it you’re heading to the lab in Shirk City for a pokemon.”

    Shaun frowned. “What makes you say that?” he snapped.

    The boy, still a little unsure of Shaun’s attitude but still expecting a rude response, shrugged. “You look about sixteen, the legal age to begin training in this region, a large bag of supplies…” The boy trailed off and gave an amused smile that seemed rather bitter. “And no one would ever just visit Shirk City.”

    Shaun snorted. Shirk City, despite it having a pokemon lab and professor, was still a poor town. Not as poor as his, mind you, but the houses were made of a poor clay mould that, while as hard as cement, easily cracked and broke under extreme heat. The town was too small for decent work or wage, but the people survived. It had plenty of land and meadows, but the housing and shops were poor. The only thing made out of good material was the lab, and that was made out of cement and metal.

    “So what if I am?” Shaun asked, voice snarky and turning his back on the other boy to lean against the rail and look down at the water.

    The boy was silent. “Was simply trying to make conversation to my fellow starter,” he said, voice a bit miffed. Shaun gave the boy a glance and watched him shift his brown pack carefully on his shoulder. The kid had a strange look, one that Shaun sometimes saw in early runaways before they ran back home, finding that the world was too tough. He wondered if this kid was a runaway as well, but that wouldn’t make sense, what with how rich his clothes appeared.

    “Where you from anyway, kid?”

    The boy gave an annoyed glare. “I’m seventeen,” he hissed. “Probably older than you.”

    Taylor gave a coughed laugh.

    “Seventeen too,” Shaun said jadedly, eyes basically drilling holes into the boy, trying to understand why this complete stranger was still talking to him when so many had backed away or at least started a fight. “So?” he continued snidely, “Where ya from?”

    The boy continued to frown, but if Shaun didn’t know better, he’d say the kid was growing uncomfortable. “Saffron City, from Kanto,” he murmured. “You?”

    “Rich kid, eh?” Shaun grinned fiendishly, completely ignoring the question. Taylor gave another cough, only this was a warning.

    How far could a kid purse his lips? “I don’t believe you answered my question,” he said coldly.

    Shaun gave a bark of laughter. This kid had some bite. Lucky for him Shaun was feeling far too sulky to throw a punch. Instead, he pointed a thumb behind him. “From that piece of **** Apala.”

    “You do realize Apala has the strongest gym leader in this region, as well as many strong and rare dragon pokemon, don’t you?”

    “Tch, nothing more than a bunch of Trapinch running around,” Shaun growled. He really didn’t like the little burrowers. “ ‘Side’s, I live downtown.”

    This time the boy allowed a large, impish grin to appear. “Poor kid, eh?”

    The arm that shot out and latched onto Shaun’s shoulder was lightning fast, and for good reason too as the dark haired boy let out an angry snarl that would put an angry Ursaring to shame as he tried to stomp towards the pompous brat and lay one into him. Taylor pulled Shaun back quickly, hearty laughter churning Shaun’s blood even more.

    “Now, now,” the cop laughed, holding tight to Shaun, “you deserved that.” He grinned at the boy, only to realize said kid was looking horribly contrite.

    “I’m sorry,” the boy said quickly, voice courteous with the accent of a well upbringing. He really did look apologetic. “I often let my loose tongue get the best of me.”

    “Stuff that tongue up someone’s…”

    “It’s all good,” Taylor interrupted, finally releasing Shaun before giving him a dark warning look. “Shaun’s mouth is just as loose, if not more.”

    Shaun’s lip curled as he and the other boy glared at one another.

    “I suppose I’ll see you at the lab in another hour,” the boy finally said, voice polite but eyes burning with pride and strength. With that he turned around and left Shaun and Taylor alone.

    “****ing bastard,” Shaun growled, slamming his fists on the metal fence.

    Taylor gave another round of barking laughter, truly looking amused and delighted. “You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say this was the beginning of… oh, what is that trainer slang? Ah yea, a rival.”

    Shaun turned his acid stare on the cop. “Screw you.”
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